Towards the unknown.

Fragile confidences.

I am about to begin rehearsals for the creation of a new solo work called Singer leaving for Normandy on Sunday 3rd April.

Being new to the online world of blogging is a bit daunting but I’m interested in a different way of documenting this creative process. How to record something of the journey in a way that is new, that helps me understand it better and also for me to be able to keep.

Firstly. There are fragile confidences.

Publicly sharing the detail of my thoughts in a form other than my usual scattered writings, odd sentences and movement ideas on the backs of envelopes and reverse sides of A4, with no system and no careful organisation of any of it, will be new.  I like pencils and paper. Most of the time my writing is illegible and most of the time it takes me a very long time to write anything I’d be willing to share with anyone else, instead moving words around the screen endlessly (like I am now) before I stop. Even then it’s wordy.

I’m not a writer.

I’m a kind of magpie who picks up information, carries it around, then drops it, trying to make a nest with stuff that doesn’t appear to go together.

The closest thing I have to careful writing are the letters I write, each operating on a one to one and sometimes, from time to time, the occasional short story.

So perhaps I should think of this blog as me writing on a one to one.

A list of words I can relate to.

New beginnings. Motherhood. Responsibility. Ageing. Me the dancer. Beauty. Collecting materials and mixing them. Singing. Writing. Economy. Sharing. Translating. Listening.   Communicating. Observing. Contemplating. Making decisions. Working together.

Fear. Letting go. Change. Making a difference. Achieving. Coherence. Instinct. Succinctness.

Love. Attention. Line. Detail. Nakedness. Baby.

Whispering. Watching. Presence. Pretense. Tricks. Care. Consideration.



Stepping in time to beats and sounds

Making sounds and beats in time with steps.

The Project and the Partners

I’ve been selected to spend two residencies in Normandy,  the Centre Choregraphique in Le Havre from 3rd-15th April and the Centre Choregraphique in Caen from 2nd– 13th May.

This opportunity is in the context of DanSCe Dialogues, a cross channel exchange programme between Dance South West, Odia and  the choreoghraphic centres designed to strengthen links between Normandy and the South West of England.

It’s a fantastic opportunity, I get a studio space, some money, a flat and the opportunity to show the outcome of my work at the end of each process.

I applied to the Arts Council for a grant to enable me to extend the framework beyond the residencies in the Spring to do production time, workshops, and marketing etc and it’s been successful, hooray!

The Collaborators

I’m delighted to be working with longtime collaborator Composer Jules Maxwell and the brilliant David Williams as Dramaturg too.

More about them later…

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