Little Structures.

clothes lying on a chair

A Framework for Narrative.

After a conversation with the technical regiseur at Le Havre, Yannick Meheust, I felt very excited.

It is rare for me to be told  ‘yes we can do that’, ‘people are usually very greedy’ and ‘c’est notre métier’, said with a certain pride and generous spirit.

Suddenly the prospect of being in a creative situation, exploring ideas where pressures can transform to become the platform for ‘more’ ideas, was wonderful. Releasing the mental space to be able to concentrate seems like such a gift.

In my mind I began imagining finding partnerships for lighting states. A simple phrase or pattern lit perfectly, just for that moment – broken down into its parts – a constant revealed and deliberate partnership enhancing the dialogue with the body.

I’ve never really had the opportunity to explore this. I’ve been lucky enough to work with the great Lucy Carter and in those instances after communicating my thoughts I just let her work.  With music I do, I make more thorough relationships somehow. And in a very developed way it’s what I’ve been fortunate to have experienced during several periods of research at IRCAM in Paris with some scientists there (I will share our findings about this separately – it’s very interesting)  working with interactive sound spatialisation systems. Basically (although far from basic) it’s creating a more developed relationship with the space by dancing and causing the production of sound according to the kind of movements I produce and my physical position in the space.

In Le Havre, if the technical budget permits it could mean a little time each morning in the second week when David the Dramaturg is with me to try things; an opportunity to evolve strategies for the generation of text and atmospheres perhaps.

I was reminded how a conversation is often best. A person’s voice, their energy, the time that is shared and getting information that is needed quickly. Many years ago, in the café at the Place Theatre, Wendy Houstoun was mentoring me for the second phase of Resolution! We talked about the importance of conversation and she said something about kindred spirits and I think, at least I remember thinking the thought;

I could live from a good conversation for a whole week.

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1 Response to Little Structures.

  1. Sue Davies says:

    Great to hear from you about your work and the new arrival. I’m cheered immensely that as an artist you continue to research and make work whilst the political world argues over its responsibilities. Best wishes and look forward to seeing the work at some point. Keep in touch, Sue Davies, Cheltenham

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