Day 4 – Threads.

An unedited excerpt of my notes from today.

Song writing.  stuck. stuck and emotional. a heaviness in the room.

Quiet just towards the end of the day. the baby’s crying eating me.

Persevering with something I don’t really like very much.

The song writer – crossing lines out over and over again.

The sewing machine.

Other stuff in the way – mild panic at the pressure I place on myself.

Improvisation means I have to work other than stay stuck with a feeling.

Jules’ idea – present an album.

I was always interested in ‘scenes’ economical scenes.

Ended with an improvisation/ better than day 2 or 3. less fuss – more intimate, Serge not watching made me freer.

Big issues are the balance between ‘doing’ stuff and dancing – partly because I don’t know what I’m doing – what I’m focused on. I feel very vulnerable wondering what I’m doing. Really what am I doing.

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