Day 6 – Talking and finding.

Monday morning, David is here.
I’ve  felt encouraged today – a territory is emerging. Some of the beginnings I’ve not necessarily been confident about seemed once again to have promise in the presence of someone fresh to the process. It helped enormously to have David’s support and attention in taking things slowly. The value of conversation is significant for me. A mixture of thinking aloud, of sharing previous stages of the process, of sounding out my inner voice, trying things out with David gently asking questions, observing and attentive to the fragile unfolding of things has felt organic, safe and stimulating. I say this because I know how frequently I can question what I’m doing, doubt it and not always follow my instincts and therefore how important it is to recognize times when there is a flow and an enjoyment in finding things.
I particularly enjoyed taking a material in isolation to find more detail in my interactions with it and and to experience finding a relationship to the space that I had not yet found.
Two of the musical pieces Jules and I had worked on last week were also productive (Piano 3 and Don’t Lift).
It’s hard to really articulate the kind of process that happened today. I enjoy this way of working. Trying to find a line through. Growing a shared understanding from which to build. Working at finding clarity in the articulation of what’s happening and sharing what seems productive or engaging in an idea or image, at the same time as trying not to second guess too much, cut corners, jump ahead, panic or try and define meanings too soon or even define meanings at all!
So, I have a set of actions. What order these actions are performed is not yet decided.
Taking the time to practice rolling a cotton spool in one direction is not perhaps the most obvious of choreographic tasks but it is wonderfully engaging to try and do something so small well.
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