Wednesday preparations.

Marc is beginning to get organised for us leaving Friday morning, David’s working and I’m at the table.

David is very articulate and I’m distinctly aware of how less practiced I am at talking about my work. After a tech run today, there was feedback from Carole Rambeaud, the executive director of the CCN. Her observations led to a discussion around key observations of what I seem to be doing. Building an architecture in space, working with time and duration, with actions in relation to movement, managing a concentrated space that encourages or invites the audience to look more closely. Drawing in space.

It has been invaluable having a dramaturgical presence, well David’s presence. Someone to offer an outside perspective, a point of reference in terms of how something is being played out or in terms of its rhythms and tensions, whether they’re productive or less so and not in terms of something just not working but more what it does or doesn’t do. I’ve not had that relationship for some time, in recent years I’m the driver and responsible for others. It’s good to be reminded of how vulnerable it can feel when trying something new, persevering when feeling very much in the dark. To keep finding a release when inhibitors are getting in the way of intuitive decisions happening can be limiting and very debilitating, especially when it’s about dancing.

And I just have to say that Serge our technician is going far beyond the call of duty including a trip to Brico marche for cable and lights to make me my own kit so I can be independent when I leave.

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