On the edge of leaving.


16 days after our return from Le Havre and we are loading the car up again to leave for the second residency in Normandy, this time in Caen. I’ve spent the last two weeks working in the creative process of Quarantine, a company I’ve worked with over many years, this time the project, Entitled is with a cast of 7 exploring ideas of entitlement, privilege and choice. Leaving one creative process and stepping straight into another didn’t leave much space for sustained reflection on Singer. I took Michael to Manchester paying a lovely person friend Lowri to look after him while I tried to fit into a group that had already begun to find itself without me, and am now here again, writing this blog as the hours tick by with a wake up call of 3.30am looming closer.

So what am I hoping for this time?

Well.. I hope it goes well. I hope I panic less. I hope I trust myself more and apologize less. I hope that the form we evolved and presented in Le Havre can grow and develop and surprise me. I hope I can write a song and sing it all by myself. I hope that my choreography becomes more detailed and specific. I hope that I have a good time. That the people are nice that the space is conducive and inspiring, that the audience who come on the 12th May like the work and pay attention. I hope that my baby sleeps better at night. I hope that I can dye my hair and that nobody notices. I hope that I can make a solo that is memorable, at least in parts.

I always struggle when asked what the work is and what it’s about. I was tired in the performance in Le Havre. It had been a full day and I’d not quite managed to lift all the layers of detail to the surface of my dancing. The work is a language and it’s much more interesting when new information and knowledges begin to connect more deeply. That’s fine. It takes time for that to happen but it’s fantastic when it does, when I become more closely related to the work as a living evolving thing.

I’m back – Hooray!!

Sadly Jules the composer cannot come to Caen, this is a real shame as it is wonderful to dance when he plays live. We have over the years developed a deep connection in performance, an unspoken dialogue that is far more effective than any attempt each of us makes in the rehearsal studio. He is needed at home which of course must come first. Sacha Lee, my old dancing pal from years ago is coming in a multi-fasseted role of creative producer, studio outside eye and general support and David will be back in the second week which is completely invaluable. Serge the technician from Le Havre is coming to do the fit up and show which is great, we built up a good rapport and it was a joy to have him around (of course on a practical note is saves going back to the start with someone new). He went far beyond the call of duty, a truly fantastic addition to my little team of special people.

A bientot.

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