Day 2 – Music.

On Bruno’s computer quickly. Today spent with varied considerations. Taking the time to place objects in the space, in this new space, notice differences, plug socket considerations, extention lead or not, extended floor space off the dance floor or not, trying new music for a possible ending, new music for hovering woman, thinking alot, moving objects stepping out to look, imagining the body, lying still amongst the landscape, reminding myself of the choreographic questions and material, lack of knowledges, remembering what is priority to work on with Sacha the next two days, different microphone needing a solution for my props, layering, taking time to explore tiny movement adjustments, dancing a little.

There is a lot to be busy with and I’m very happy to be in a creative space.

Jules please can you make some adjustments for me musically and email them?

1/ Piano 4. In at 19 out at 1.01.

2/ Piano 4. In at 19 out at 1.23 ( before the note on 24).

3/ Tape Deck. In at 49 (txt ‘now there’s one more’) till end.

4/ Tape Deck. In at 46 – end.

Thanks a lot Jules.

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