At Swindon Dance

DSC_0080DSC_0123Swindon with David.  4th March 2013

Returning to a theatre and to the work of research for Life Forces.

My head’s a muddle. Some useful things. The process of Jonathan and Mateo, make one thing and make something else that continues from it, make another thing. It made sense to me, a continuity, forms of continuity. Taking the time to talk and not force moving into action. David’s memory of my thoughts around movement scores, working with another body, holding hands, walking, sitting, looking. We did some. We moved in relationship to eachother other, slowly, carefully noticing what came up. We talked about the recurrance of familiar patterns in the moving from up to down. We moved just doing going to the floor and back up again together, then observing eachother individually. I noticed when he was in the attempt it was interesting, the bit of a struggle, legs in the air, the continuation of a collapse. He talked of me drawing out the collapse to the floor, the stages. How different it is to move alone and with another person even if the task is a solitary one.

We talked that David could be the other person. The trying to visualize me in the space in relationship to these materials alone, and the possible logistical difficulties of doing everything. He said he would be open for being on the inside, whatever served the work the best whatever was most helpful for me. I was very excited. I am very excited. This feels fruitful and going in an interesting direction. It could take a year, that’s fine. I’m ok with that. We looked at slides, I moved in the slide of the tree and we stayed with it for sometime, me falling out of it, like waking, but maybe not.

I’d wanted to do something with an older man, this feels right, wherever it leads.

5th March 2013

Looking at the partner metal slider, something about the human eye can see a naked flame 14 miles away David said.

The projector case on my head. Melancholic image.

Walking into the light shape, dancing in light, taking information from pictures of slides in my head and moving through them.

Falling down and back up.

Sitting at the bottom of the steps slide, I’m in it.

Moving with David in relation to each other and to slides projected by Sophia. A new collaborator joined us, Sophia Clist.

Jumping over the channel of light.

6th March with Sophia.

Looking at slides again. Erosion, Smooth wood on beach with sand. Harsh rock against the sky. Made structures letting through light, from straws, with shadows, the angle, the particularity of the view, my dad’s view, the frame, what his eye has chosen to see. Sea and sand and sky and land and perspective, direction, scale. Monochrome, silhouette, light, reflection, mirror, camera in its leather case, the slider, the mechanical simplicity making a shape to see through, to reveal something, The frame of light is best white, the thought of a colour filter interested me too, the white frame striking Sophia said.

I don’t manage to write in the blog much.

Here are some traces.

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